A Strategic Plan that Empowers Pennsylvanians to Call the Plays That Will Win the Future.

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Each person is endowed with a unique set of skills and abilities that can help them realize their version of the American Dream. But it’s when individuals come together – united by the same goals – that our combined efforts deliver results that expand freedom, open more opportunities for people, and create lasting changes that benefit the entire community.

Whether it’s the playing fields across our state, or the halls of power in Harrisburg, the only way to meet difficult challenges and win big victories is when people with different skills, specialties and backgrounds work together as a team.

That’s the approach we’ve taken since our founding in 2004 and our chapter’s inception in 2010. As an activist-led grassroots organization, we’re focused on mobilizing Pennsylvanians to:

   Hold public officials accountable,

   Promote individual freedom, and

   Advance policy solutions to the issues people care about the most.

This is how we’ll lead the Keystone State to the victories our families sorely need. And make no mistake, these will be come-from-behind victories, because we are getting outscored. Badly. Pennsylvania has:

The third-highest overall tax rates of all 50 states (according to WalletHub)

The highest gas tax

The top five ranking among “outbound” states as more people move away to better futures elsewhere!


Empower every American to pursue their version of the American Dream.


Cover for Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania
Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania

Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania

AFP exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of limited government policies.

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Next week May 22nd you don’t want to miss another #inflation relief grocery giveaway at Sprankle's Neighborhood Markets!#ProsperityIsPossible ... See MoreSee Less
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We agree, PA State Rep. Rob Mercuri! Transparency is for government, and privacy is for people!If enacted, HB 1472 would prevent Pennsylvanians from associating with charitable organizations (churches, nonprofits, and civic groups) without the risk of cancel culture. We must safeguard free speech and the First Amendment, as this is the keystone of our constitutionally-protected rights!Learn more about how you can join our movement of millions to protect free speech: transparency in political contributions already exists, some would go further to require nonprofit and educational entities, including religious organizations, to disclose their donors. Last week in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I made the record clear regarding House Bill 1472, which would dangerously erode free speech rights of individuals and the organizations they choose to support. House Bill 1472 would require any person, organization or entity who makes a contribution to report the transaction to the Pennsylvania Department of State. The current law requires any contribution over $100 to be reported for political entities but excludes nonprofit and educational organizations, a measure of privacy which I believe is appropriate. Requiring nonprofits, including educational and religious organizations, to disclose donor lists could lead to illegal and improper limitations on free speech in our society. Safeguarding the expression of free speech is paramount in protecting democracy in our Commonwealth and across the nation. Individuals should always be able to privately donate to nonprofit educational and religious organizations to express their First Amendment rights without concern of public disclosure and scorn. Allowing individuals and certain organizations, such as religious and charitable nonprofits, to make contributions as they see fit is also guaranteed to federal law and our U.S. Constitution via the First Amendment. I take my oath to protect and preserve the Constitution seriously and always will! ... See MoreSee Less
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What an amazing afternoon at Hartman Independent Company for our legislative panel with PA State Rep. Jason Ortitay, Jezree Friend, Vice President of Manufacturer & Business Association, Andrew Hartman President & CEO of Hartman Independent Co. The discussion was enlightening and filled with enthusiasm. Topics discussed included #regulation, #supplychain, #workforce #inflation, #infrastructure, and challenges faced by #smallbusinesses today. A special thanks to Kate Matz for partnering with Americans for Prosperity for this event, and to everyone who took time out of their day to attend and ask questions.Stay tuned for the availability of the video recording soon! ... See MoreSee Less
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Join us Thursday at the Pittsburgh Bottleshop. ... See MoreSee Less
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