A Strategic Plan that Empowers Pennsylvanians to Call the Plays That Will Win the Future.

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Each person is endowed with a unique set of skills and abilities that can help them realize their version of the American Dream. But it’s when individuals come together – united by the same goals – that our combined efforts deliver results that expand freedom, open more opportunities for people, and create lasting changes that benefit the entire community.

Whether it’s the playing fields across our state, or the halls of power in Harrisburg, the only way to meet difficult challenges and win big victories is when people with different skills, specialties and backgrounds work together as a team.

That’s the approach we’ve taken since our founding in 2004 and our chapter’s inception in 2010. As an activist-led grassroots organization, we’re focused on mobilizing Pennsylvanians to:

   Hold public officials accountable,

   Promote individual freedom, and

   Advance policy solutions to the issues people care about the most.

This is how we’ll lead the Keystone State to the victories our families sorely need. And make no mistake, these will be come-from-behind victories, because we are getting outscored. Badly. Pennsylvania has:

The third-highest overall tax rates of all 50 states (according to WalletHub)

The highest gas tax

The top five ranking among “outbound” states as more people move away to better futures elsewhere!


Empower every American to pursue their version of the American Dream.


Cover for Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania
Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania

Americans for Prosperity - Pennsylvania

AFP exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of limited government policies.

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